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complex services not complex billing

Let me help you choose the best services based on your individual support needs.

Pricing for each package will vary according to the needs of your business. When it comes to managing your IT systems and security, there’s no “one-price-fits-all” approach; all business needs differ. Let’s get in touch so I can better understand your systems and what pricing options would best apply based on your requirements.


Flat-rate fees are available for most common projects such as installs/upgrades, printer issues, data recovery, and email/device setup. For more common residential tasks, total charges will range from $50-$100 with a mandatory diagnostic charge of $30.00 included. 


For support that requires an onsite presence, the hourly fee is $120 (15-minute minimum applies).




Cloud Backup

Secure your data today with ongoing cloud backups.

You count on your IT systems to keep your business running. As IT security becomes more critical, you can’t afford to not back up your data. Subscribe to our cloud backup services today and achieve peace of mind knowing you’ll always have ready access to your information.