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I’ve spent more than 25 years as an IT professional working with businesses small and large. Over that time, I fixed virtually every IT problem you can imagine. You can trust that no matter what you’re struggling with, I have likely seen it and can resolve it.


Apart from IT repairs and regular servicing, I am also highly experienced in installing hardware, software, and IT solutions of all shapes and sizes. I’m here to solve your IT challenges. Even if there’s something I haven’t seen before, I will work to ensure you are completely satisfied and your business is back on track.

For businesses local to central New York, I am happy to visit on site to conduct an initial consultation and review any mission-critical systems issues. After the first visit, however, it’s best to subscribe to one of my services to gain access to me remotely. This grants you ready access to my support at a huge cost savings.

Unfortunately, this question is difficult to answer. The time is takes to complete a repair depends on the severity of the issue and the type of system we’re working with. 

Know that I will always work as quickly as possible to diagnose and resolve whatever your problem is. Your IT systems are critical to keep your business functioning, and I am here to support you as best I can.

We do not. You are paying for my knowledge, experience and service. If something is not able to be fixed, you still benefit from my advice on how to best remedy your individual situation.

Days a Week
Computer problems are nothing new. Back in 2004, I started one of the first local tech services shops in an attempt to educate businesses and home users on IT usability, security and maintenance. As I interacted with professionals and residential users throughout the community, many turned to me to help them solve IT problems big and small. Two years later, I found myself working full-time at Twin Tiers Eye Care as the “computer guy” helping to support their technology systems across five offices and an ambulatory surgical center. As computers became more sophisticated, so did the threats to their security. I continually adapted my knowledge and skillset to meet the needs of my client and their services, helping to keep their business running while securing the personal health data of their thousands of patients. Today, I am fortunate enough to continue to partner with local small businesses across central New York in an effort to modernize systems, protect data, and serve as a remote and, when needed, onsite support expert. With a secure remote connection, 24/7 proactive monitoring and around-the-clock support available, I am happy to be the “computer guy” for your business or residential needs. Having spent years in the trenches, I have the knowledge and experience to solve your complex IT challenges and deliver not just service but peace of mind. Data security has become increasingly important as hackers and scammers have become more sophisticated in recent years. What used to be an annoying virus is now a devastating loss of data and consequences to your business. I’m here to prevent that from happening.